Young Adults

We know that Young Adults encompasses a HUGE group of people. While we know our young adults do relate in various ways here at Concord and in the community, our goal is to create a place where everyone can connect on a more meaningful level with God and with each other.

That’s why we offer small group Bible study on Sundays for every age group of our Young Adults. We have a place for you whether you are looking for a College & Young Professionals group (18-30 years old) or for a group of Young Married Adults.

These ministries are for young adults who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who are just beginning their walk with our Lord and Savior, or who have questions about where they are and where they are headed in life.

There is a place for you! Come and see what we offer in the way of fellowship and Bible study. Find a place to connect and serve and ultimately to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to get to know you and walk with you, to lift you up and to encourage you as we all walk along this journey. Please come and try it out, meet the staff, send us an email or a prayer request. We want to serve you!

College and Young Professionals (18-30 year olds)

Concord’s College and Young Professionals ministry is committed to loving God and loving people. We do this in a variety of ways as we seek to make disciples and seek to live out the Gospel lived out in our individual and corporate lives every day.

Our hope is to provide a place where young adults, those in college and those who have started their professional careers, can come and experience authentic teaching right from the Bible. We want to provide an environment where real relationships can thrive and where spiritual formation can happen. It would be a privilege to serve you and to walk with you on your spiritual journey.

So whether you were raised in church, have questions about God, or are simply searching for answers to life’s questions, we encourage you to come and check this group out. The College and Young Professional Ministry is a welcoming place for you to connect with others as you walk along your own spiritual journey.

Young Married Adults

Strong marriages are important to the life of any church, which is why Concord’s Young Married Ministry is so vital. Whether you are newly married, married with children, or would simply say “we’re seeking God’s guidance for our family and marriage”, Concord has a place for you.

We believe marriage is the spiritual and physical uniting of one man and one woman in an exclusive covenant commitment for their joint lifetime. That’s a statement from our Bylaws and is actually a quote from the Baptist Faith & Message (2000), but what does it look like to live that out every day? That’s what our Young Married Ministry seeks to do—to put into practice what Biblical marriage looks like as we seek to grow our families and ultimately to grow in Christ-likeness.

So come and check it out. See what’s going on in our Sunday morning Bible studies and get connected so you can take advantage of special events and family ministry activities.