Walk Thru the Bible

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Walk Thru the Bible will help demystify the Old Testament with a fun and exciting event that teaches the big picture of the Hebrew Scriptures. Participants will learn the major events of Jesus’ family history, and how those play an important and vital part of God’s Grand Story. Understanding the Old Testament is knowing God better, and you’ll learn it in a way that you will remember long after the event.

This Walk Thru the Bible interactive event will equip participants to know and share God’s rescue plan for humanity, and it will also ignite a passion for reading God’s Word, revitalizing their walk with Jesus.

The adult portion of this event will include people currently 5th grade and older.
The children’s portion of this event will include kids currently in 1st through 4th grades.
Childcare will be available for babies through kindergarten.

3724 W. Truman Blvd, Jefferson City, MO 65109