Discerning Sound Doctrine

Everyone’s talking about it. Zesty one-liners liked on Facebook. Blurbs teasing on Twitter. Even primetime television shows are buzzing about the new book by a so-called Christian author. It’s quite easy to discern this new publication is trendy. But discerning whether the new rage is doctrinally sound is another matter altogether. And if God’s people … [Read More]

May the Force of the Gospel Be with You

As we ramp up for the celebration of Christmas this December, you might have noticed our culture ramping up for something else. That something is one of the most anticipated movies of all time, excitement so palpable you must have been self-exiled on a remote planet like Dagobah to have not noticed. Most people have … [Read More]

The Gospel

The gospel. We hear this term thrown about often, but what does it really mean? The gospel is a term that has become unnecessarily confusing to some by excessive additions, subtractions, and qualifications. Simply put, the gospel is the declaration of the person and work of Jesus Christ, and how we receive the benefits of … [Read More]

FAQ about the Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision Affirming Gay Marriage

In the wake of the recent United States Supreme Court decision on June 26th, 2015 that imposed a same-sex marriage mandate in all 50 states, many Christ-followers are left wondering what this decision means and how they should respond to others affirming same-sex marriage. The following ten questions and answers are provided to equip God’s … [Read More]

The Betrothal of Mary and Joseph

A Question With Regard to the Betrothal of Mary and Joseph Another Festival of Light (FOL) is at hand, and with it, a wonderful opportunity to extol our Lord’s greatness as a creative God through the creative gifts He has endowed upon us. This ministry has grown in scope and magnitude over the years, and … [Read More]