5 Simple Ways to Reach Out This Fall


  • Host a neighborhood block party on your street. Put a grill out front, cook up some burgers and hot dogs, and invite everyone on your street to stop by. Add a bucket of candy to this, and see how many neighbors you meet on Halloween.
  • Take a homemade snack or decoration to your neighbors. There are several upcoming holidays, so this would work for Thanksgiving and give a chance to follow-up at Christmas.
  • Have a service day in your neighborhood. Identify an area of your neighborhood (park, street, etc.) that needs cleaned up. Invite others from your neighborhood to help, and provide water and a snack for everyone who helps. You might consider adopting a neighbor in need (perhaps an older person, widow or someone with a special need).
  • Pray specifically and intentionally for your neighbors. This would involve praying for them by name and even by need. Consider how technology might help with this effort. A good website to check out is blesseveryhome.com. Signing up gives you access to information that will help you pray for every person on your street.
  • Invite the neighbors over to watch a ball game or a movie (be careful with that one). Add a few snacks or a light meal and you’ve got the makings of an enjoyable evening where you can get to know your neighbors.

These are all ideas with one goal in mind—get to know the people around you. There are folks all around us who do not know Jesus and you can impact their relationship with the Lord often by just striking up a conversation. Know their name. Get to know their story. Share some of your story. In the course of conversation, you will have an opportunity to share your faith in Christ.

Be intentional. Be humble. Be willing. God will use you.

Bro. John

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