Prayer Guide to Praying for our Nation


  1. A time of thanksgiving for the opportunity to gather freely with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Gratitude for our freedoms to worship freely and speak openly. Gratitude for the work of Christ in our lives. His death, burial, resurrection and wonderful gift of salvation.
  1. A prayer of repentance for complaining far more than we pray and trust God. Repentance for failing to take our responsibilities as citizens seriously and for our lack of involvement. Repentance for silence when we as believers in Jesus should be speaking as salt and light.
  1. A prayer of forgiveness for wanting what benefits us personally and makes our lives more comfortable rather than that which makes our nation stronger, moral and just. May our children and grandchildren live in a better America.
  1. A prayer for a just and right election. May there be no election fraud. May there be integrity in the voting process. May citizens take their responsibility seriously and vote with a high turnout. May there be clear results
  1. A prayer for peace in the process. May there be no violence in our streets. May there be a peaceful transition of power.
  1. A prayer for God to make His will known. May the principles of righteousness and justice prevail. May that person be elected who will in fact seek God and not political expediency. Who will seek to protect the unborn, the underprivileged, the oppressed. May we have elected officials that turn back to the original intent of our Founders and our Constitution.
  1. A prayer for those elected. May they be protected. May God grant them wisdom. May their families thrive while they serve in office. May they have a heart for God and grow spiritually. May they promote righteousness in the land. May they be lovers of Jesus.

May God bless America and may America be blessable.

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